Living Life With a Five Minute Memory

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  1. Holly says:

    great post, Chris! I agree with what you said and where your heart is. I write things down constantly, goals, thoughts, and refer back to them constantly. I need to do more than simply write. I like the idea of keeping them in front of me!

  2. Brent Lacy says:

    I can completely relate to the 5 minute memory and my walk/relationship with God. I really like the idea of a monument to commemorate a event. This past week God pushed enough distractions out of the way and He really worked on my heart. Rene and I had a couple of tremendous breakthroughs because of that. Now My relationship with Rene and with God has moved to a much deeper level and I am just blown away by all of it.
    Thank you for sharing this and thus helping me remember that I am not the only one out here with issues like short term memory loss.

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